Storm Damage Update

Residents and community members,
Due to damage at the wharf from the Wednesday’s storm,
Tomorrow’s boat, Thursday January 11th, is cancelled.  The next boat will be coming on Friday, January 12th.
As some of you may have already heard and may have seen, a massive storm surge pushed the freight shed off its foundation towards the Barnacle, disrupting electrical service to the shed, wharf and most of the surrounding structures.  This was the cause of the island wide electrical service interruption today.  
Tomorrow, work to repair and restore electrical service to the wharf area will begin, so we ask that you avoid the wharf and Wharf Hill Road altogether to allow us to focus on the repair and cleanup.  
Regarding Friday’s boat:   The current position of the Freight Shed will not allow the usual truck traffic on the wharf, only a very narrow area exists between the shed and Barnacle.  If you are departing on, picking up, or dropping off anyone/anything on Fridays boat we ask that you plan accordingly to walk down, or get a ride and allow yourself enough time to unload your items and leave the wharf area in a timely manner.   Friday is a trash day, so navigating the area and parking will be a challenge. 
Please share this notice and look out for more information.  Email or call with any questions.
[email protected]   207-350-7512, LHO cell, call or text.
[email protected] 207-594-8833 Town office