COVID-19 Resources

Monhegan Plantation COVID-19 Resource Info (current as of July, 2022)

If you or someone you know on Monhegan has COVID-19 symptoms or tests positive for COVID-19, please take rapid action to ensure transmission to others is minimized. Monhegan Island has very limited medical resources, as well as few staff to operate the basic infrastructure services and visitor services for all those enjoying Monhegan. Please help avoid serious ripple effects of an island outbreak!

  • If you or someone you know has COVID-19 like symptoms it is very important to seek testing before going to work or otherwise interacting with others. COVID-19 symptoms can appear as very mild seasonal allergies, a cold or flu. A limited supply of tests are available on the island from the First Aid Station if you find yourself without tests.​​
  • ​​Any person with symptoms or testing positive, should isolate immediately. Use the US CDC isolation guidance & isolation flow chart to guide you through the process of testing, isolating, and to know when to leave isolation.
  • If you are a close contact, please monitor for symptoms, wear a well-fitted mask around others, and follow US CDC guidance about quarantine, isolation, and when to test. This flow chart for close contacts can help.


You may NOT travel on the ferries with COVID-19 symptoms and/or while isolating. If at all possible, also avoid travel on the ferries after isolation while still needing to mask around all others. Alternative means of traveling off the island can be arranged by contacting the COVID EMA Director or Local Health Officer.

It is strongly encouraged that anyone with COVID-19 symptoms or testing positive, immediately contact Monhegan’s Local Health Officer or COVID EMA Director. We are here to help individuals get needed care and help minimize transmission impacts on the community. If your lodging situation prevents fully isolating, if guidance is confusing, if your circumstances are complicated, if you don’t know how to access anti-viral treatments, if you need a thermometer/pulse oximeter or if you have other questions, please contact us for local assistance & resources. Confidentiality is respected.


Jim Buccheri, Local Health Officer, 207-350-7512

Jessica Stevens, COVID EMA Director, 207-691-7390