Broadband- Important Update

Fiber is being rolled out now over the main water lines to junction boxes.  After Thanksgiving, fiber will be pulled from the junction boxes and attached to the exterior of each subscribed property.  This attachment is called a “nid”. 

Once fiber crosses onto private property, it is the property owner’s responsibility.  Axiom can run the fiber to the nid on a house either:

  •  “as is” (about 1/4″ black fiber line) and attach it to the nid or
  • run the fiber through an owner-provided conduit (if buried – trace wire or trace tape required)

If you want a conduit in place on your property, please contact your caretaker or otherwise arrange to do so before the fiber is attached to your house.  It will not be possible to detach the fiber from the nid and run it through a conduit after installation because the fiber will have been spliced and active once it is attached to the nid.  Note that the fiber has no problem with cold or wet conditions.  It does not need to be in a conduit unless there is risk of cutting the line with a lawnmower, clippers etc. It can also be “directly buried” without a conduit in a shallow trench (this would be possible in the spring).

Axiom’s phone number is 207-255-0679 should you have any questions. 

Please also see the links below for further information on the Plantation’s website

Axiom Installation Guidelines

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